The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has become a major force in society. Even those parts of the world that do not follow the Catholic Church will head it’s call.

New Doctrine

The Church is currently working on a collection of religious writings called simply “The New Testament.” This testament follows the Old and Middle testaments in turns of dates, and is spread out from the Great War to the events of only years ago. It is filled with factual information of demons and angels, as well as events, and therefore anyone with knowledge of it would be a great boon in fighting these forces.

Mission of Peace

The Church has a claimed mission of peace. They’re actions are meant to bind the few countries of the world together, and stop those who are civilized from wiping each other back to the dark ages they recently emerged from. It is to this end that the Church employs the Hunters; demon spawn cannot understand the idea of peace, and therefore must be eliminated.

The Hunters

While only sub-sect of the Church, to the right people this group holds as much if not more power than the Church proper. The Hunters are a band of clergy that are organized along Church guidelines, who are charged with hunting down werewolves, vampires, and other forms of demon spawn. These are the fighters of the Church, and many a town in need has been saved by a small band of well-trained Hunters.

The Catholic Church

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