Religion and Magic

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The mindset of the world in 2499 is dominated by the Catholic Church (now simply called the Church) and ideas of witchcraft. While uncommon, there are other religions out there and people who understand and practice magic do exist.


The Church

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Like in the middle ages of past times, the Catholic Church has once again become the main acceptable religion. After the Great War, the Church was ruthless in hunting down and weeding out other belief systems. Thus, it is the only acceptable belief system and even those who don’t follow the Church’s tenets tend to head the Church’s call, and will at least lie about being good, Christian men.


Karma is a strong power in the world, whether or not the people or the Church are aware of it. The world exists on a “what goes around comes around principle” and, more importantly, souls are recycled back to the Earth after death. This pattern of returning souls is called the Cycle.

While many people may let their spirits float free after death; venturing to whatever afterlife they dreamed of while on Earth, there are a few certain individuals whose souls are constantly reclaimed by the Cycle. Vivaja has identified a few individuals, naming Raijna, Tom Smith and Memnan Vaton as individuals who have returned from past lives.


Magic has a strange place in the world. It has existed for hundreds of years, but a population that is both stupid and superstitious has prevented it from blossoming. However, it is quite common; many a farmer has a magic longsword their father’s have passed down, and any given merchant will possess different varieties of armor that is, for some unknown reason, more powerful than other versions.

Divine Magic

The Church holds that divine power springs directly from God, and that is the only true and acceptable power. The belief seems likely true; since all of the divine wielders they know are directly associated with the Church and a person of greater faith and higher rank tends to wield stronger powers.

The Church, however, is unaware of Shamans that spring from many other social groups. The tribes of werewolves, the Nomads of the Great Plains, and the like all have some form of mystics that are generally just as capable of wielding divine magic as the Church officials. When used under this guise, the magic is often called ‘Primal magic.’ The same people who claim it as a different form of magic also claim that they draw it from the Earth, although this is debatable.

Arcane Magic

Arcane magic stems from several different sources. Some will frankly admit that they bartered with demons for their power, while others claim that they worship the stars or made a pact with some other form of mythical beast. Even those who claim they have taken power from the stars and whatever else show symptoms, eventually, that maybe the true source of their power is something much darker.

Since this form of magic is surrounded by dark rituals and the like, superstitions about it are frequent. This is the most common art to have practitioners burned at the stake or some similar fate. As a result, most arcane users hide their abilities and practice their habits in the dark.

Religion and Magic

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