Pacific Northwest

Like the South-west, the North-west is seperated into different locals. Along the coast, two states: Old Washington and the People’s State of Portland, unite large groups of people and support organized trade. As you travel inland the area is totally dominated by farms, although eventually it turns into a less-hospitable, arid climate.

Cities and States

Old Washington

Made up of the area around what used to be called Seattle and the surrounding areas, Old Washington has been a major state since the Great War. Originally called the State of Washington, it changed it’s name to Old Washington fifty years ago, after a major civil war ripped the state in two. This area is governed by a republic, the man selected to run it is dubbed the Governor, and he must answer to the Senate. Only the rich are given voting privileges. Of late, the church has had nearly as much say as the actual government.

Old Washington was originally the target of a demonic army (although Church doctrine states that it was an army of humans who had been bolstered by Satan). The Archangel Vivaja gave his life to protect the State; thus the rulers of Old Washington consider themselves rulers by divine right.

People’s State of Portland

The people in Old Washington have dubbed this area to be “New Washington,” after a bitter civil war that earned their independence. The people who live here reject this name, preferring instead “The People’s State of Portland.” There is a strong hatred between the two states, although of lately the Church has done much to settle the differences and the two countries actually engage in trade.

Portland is made up of the same geography and the type of people as Old Washington. The difference is that the ruling government is held directly accountable to the people, and that the rich are taxed just as equally, if not more so, than the rest of the populace. The result is that many of the older families left Portland after the war to return to Old Washington.

Portland has had several run-ins with the Church; after forming they tried to tax the Church and nearly had another war on their hands. They gave the Church tax-exempt status, but many of the more popular members of the Senate have butted heads with the Church sense.


The general geography of this part of the world has changed little from present day. Rainfall is common during the spring, summer and fall months, with plenty of snow during winter. Plenty of crops grow in the area, and there are many breweries, orchards and ranches, on top of farms.

The Pacific Northwest extends from the ocean in the West to the Great Mountains in the East.

Pacific Northwest

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