The English language has changed over time. Modern day English, in the game is called “Old English”. It is spoken primarily in the north. Due to the hazards of the Great Plains, the West Coast merged their English with the Spanish speaking southerners. While the East Coast merged with French. Both coasts called their common language “Pigeon” Resulting in the names East Coast Pigeon and West Coast Pigeon. Here are some examples as to how English has been changed:

  • Tarp = Trap
  • Feet = plural AND singular.
  • More/most and er/est use is now interchangeable, and may be applied together. In example, the “most bestest” time or your life would be better than the “most bester” or the “more best”
  • Dead can be used in place of kill

However, other languages certainly do exist. The Church itself commonly uses Latin. Angelic beings use a language known as Celestial. With their demonic counterparts using Infernal. The tribes of the Great Plains use a tongue referred to as Native American.

There are rumors that there are druids who are able to communicate directly with animals, this is unconfirmed.


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