Great Plains

The Great Plains is a harsh area of the world, completely unsuitable to civilized life. They are composed of miles upon miles of rolling grassland, giving them their name. Farming is all but unheard of except for around the few major rivers; due to this any human cities are small city states bordering a river or wondering packs of nomads.

The weather of the Great Plains changes from bitterly cold winters to sweltering summers. There is just enough annual rainfall to support rolling grasslands, with trees and farming present only along rivers. Many animals have grown adapt at surviving during the summer, traveling to the Southern edge of the plains during the unforgiven winter. These animals include wolves, bison, rhinoceroses, horses, elephants, deers and bears, along with numerous others.

Most of the humans that call this area their home live as wandering nomads. They survive as grazers and hunters, always pursing better grassland for tamed cattle or better hunting while following wild packs of animals. These bands are typically led by elected chiefs or mystics who draw strength from the raw power of nature.

There are many bands of were nomads among the Great Plains. These bands exist in harmony with other humans, being raided and making trade agreements just like any other group of nomads.

Great Plains

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