While all humanoids; from Tieflings to Dragonborn, look basically human, there is much separating them.

Initiate of the Order

Prerequisite: Accepted into The Hunters of the Damned

Member is given a special Cross to symbolize the order they are a part of. This Cross can be shown to Church officials or others who know for aid. Gain a +2 bonus to religion skill checks. Normally, religious checks over the ‘New Testament’ are considered epic tier (+10 DC), but are considered heroic tear for those possessing this feat.

Werewolf feats

Heightened Senses [Heroic tier]

Prerequisite: Werecreature, level 3

+2 to perception. Gain the ability to detect enemies through smell, using perception. Also gives the ability to determine race with a DC 20 perception check.

Dreamwalking [Heroic tier]

Prerequisite: WereWolf, level 6

You gain the ability to walk through dreams; allowing instant communication between people. You must know the intended targets spiritual wavelength, however. Learning this requires studying it in close proximity, being contacted by them in a dream, or some form of magical or spiritual bond. The penalty to perception when sleeping is negated with this feat.

Advanced Heightened Senses [Paragon tier]

Prerequisite: Werecreature, Heightened Senses feat

The bonus from Were-senses increases to +4. Gain the ability to smell emotions with a DC 25 perception check.

Animal Tongue

Prerequisite: Werecreature, level 6

Gain a rough ability to communicate with your base were race. This means wererats can talk to rats, and werewolves can talk to wolves, but a wererat cannot talk to a wolf. This also includes Werecreatures that have taken their animal form, and therefore lost a human tongue. The communication is only basic speak, such as where “Where is food?” and “Follow these tracks.” An animals basic attitude is typically indifferent and may require diplomacy checks as for humans.

Animal Mind

Prerequisite: Dreamwalker Paragon path, Animal Tongue feat

The Dreamwalkers mind takes has grown so akin to it’s base animal, it can now communicate with them perfectly. Wild animals always exist partially in the dream world and partially on this one, so they can use their Waking Sleep ability to communicate with them. This ability functions up to a distance of one mile.

To do:

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