“The dream has shone me the way. Will you follow?

All werewolves possess the ability to enter the dreams of others. Most use this as a way to communicate with others over long distances and nothing more, but some strive to completely control their dreams.

These few are called Dreamwalkers. They possess the ability to manipulate and control dreams, to enter the sleeping world while functioning normally and can even pull their opponents into nightmares. They are often the most feral of all the werewolves, since their stronger connection to the dreaming world also connects them to wolves on a deeper level. They start moving and thinking like wolves, and will even fight with wolven tactics.

Dreamwalker path features

Walking Slumber (11th level): You enter a sleep half in this world, half in the dreaming world. You function perfectly in this world, but can also use all of your dream walking abilities.

Into the Shadows (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can shift your base speed after the attack as a free action. If you make a stealth check as part of this move make it with a +2 bonus.

Hamstring (16th level): When you hit a bloodied target you have combat advantage against them. Also you can knock them prone with a melee attack.

Dreamwalker powers


You pull a part of your target into the dream, where a nightmare awaits them.

Dreamwalker attack 11

Encounter, standard action, one creature within 10 squares

Attack: Wis or cha + 4 vs. will, increase to +6 at 21st level

Hit: 2d8 damage and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Special: Choose wisdom or charisma, always make this attack with that stat.


As an enemy hits you, you escape into the dream.

Dreamwalker utility 12

Encounter, immediate reaction

Trigger: An enemy hits you.

Effect: You ignore 5 + wisdom modifier damage

Beckon the Dream

You beckon the enemies mind into the dream, where a wolf pack awaits them.

Dreamwalker daily 20

Daily, standard action, one creature within 10 squares

Attack: Wis or cha +6 vs. will

Hit: 3d8 damage and the target is stunned and knocked prone. Save ends both.

Miss: Half damage, the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Sustain minor: d8 damage, only functions while the target is still stunned.

Special: This attack uses the same stat as the Sleep! attack.


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