The Gates of Hell

Vampire's Hiding part 3

With nightfall upon them, the party started their agreed upon plan. The werebear pack split up into smaller groups, diving quickly into the vampire’s lair before taking the combat into the open plains. A few minutes after the supposed last of the vampires left, the party approached the complex.

Raijna was the first to enter, sneaking down to the building and listening at the doors inside. She heard heavy, pacing footsteps that stopped suddenly as she approached. The girl ran outside quickly, alerting her allies that vampires remained and that they had heard her.

The fighting died down quickly, with the party victorious. They found stairs inside the room they had just cleared, and turned to a door across the hall after deciding to examine the stairs later.

The other door a large iron cage that contained Freyja, Lars and three of the most beautiful women any of the party had ever seen. Bubba forced the cage open; receiving a fire-blast in return, before the rest of the party grew suspicious of the three women. Their suspicion was well founded; the women turned out to be Succubi. After a long, fierce battle the party stood victorious over Freyja and Lars. Some quick healing restored them to consciousness, if not full health. Lars revealed to the party that he had been turned; within the next day his blood would be fully vampiric.

A pack of werebears stood outside when the party returned to the main hall to examine the final doors. Apparently the pack had dispatched their vampires, and returned to see to the Hell Gate being destroyed. Tom had spent the first part of the assault with the werebears; his bow was more useful on the open plains, but he rejoined the party now.

Upon entering the final set of double doors, the party found the room with the Hell Gate eerily empty. Raijna ducked down behind the portal and ran to the other side, thieves tools making quick work of a grate cover beneath the main controls.

As Raijna entered the grate, a familiar shape formed behind her. Ahad, the vampire the party had encountered in the Fog Hills, grabbed Raijna’s legs and threw the girl against the wall of the building. With a few spoken taunts he turned to Memnon, preparing to dominate the cleric once again.

As Ahad’s magic ripped into Memnon, the cleric felt a strange entity fill his head. Standing before him was a slender women, raven dark hair spilling to her waist. A scythe stood next to her petite form, nearly covered in . “You have my blessing, child,” the Raven Queen told him, “smite the undying!” Black tendrils of raw power criss-crossed Memnon’s scythe blade, ripping across it and into the vampire as he slashed at it. Ahad’s eyes went wide as he was frozen.

Even as Ahad was frozen, the walls of the building shuddered with force. Ahad had called Kriv back to fight the party. The party, however, understood that this was against Kriv’s wishes and had Logan absorb the dragons blows while the rest of the party focused on the vampire.

As Raijna’s tinkering neared an end, Ahad’s bounds loosened and the portal began firing off rapidly. Logan took this opportunity to pull Ahad towards him from the other side of the portal. The vampire stumbled into it as the portal flashed brilliantly and faded completely. Raijna had removed a gem crucial to the portal; it would not function without it.

Kriv waited only long enough to ensure he would not be attacked, before flying away. The party ventured out after him, bruised and battered but not beaten. The werebears had been attacked during their encounter, but the last of the vampires had been cast down. The party started journeying immediately, stopping only before the sun rose. Memnon built a pyre for Lars, allowing the viking the funeral he wanted. The party then turned to head back to Asgard.

Vampire's Hiding parts 1-2

The third night was one spent in sobriety as the party saw to their final preparations before leaving. When the morning finally arrived, the party was given a small drum and a warning: the drum was to be played if they found the portal and needed help and the warning was that a dragon had been loosed. With that, they set out to the East.

On the request of Vivaja, Raijna was left behind. He spent the entirety of that day with the warpriest, Vlad, preparing a ritual. The next day Raijna was brought in to watch as Vivaja was absorbed into a diamond, then given the diamond. When she put it on, she found that she could hear Viv’s voice in the back of her head and that he seemed to have an awareness of her surroundings. He bid her to leave the city, riding directly towards the portal.

A few days into the journey, party noticed that a dragon was making frequent overhead flights. At first they hid, resulting in the dragon flying down and grabbing Fred, Bubba’s horses to be carried off for lunch. From then on, they simply kept moving, and the dragon did not bother them.

The day after they noticed the dragon, they saw it rise from the ground in the morning. They headed in that direction, finding a small alcove eroded out of a hillside. The party hid, letting the dragon come back and fall asleep before they ambushed it. While the dragon fought fiercely, it was not capable of matching the party and took to hiding in a cloud of utter darkness it had produced during the fight. He shouted out to the party to stop it’s attacking, offering a truce. It seemed the dragon had been summoned by Ahad, the vampire who the party had encountered in the South a few months before. He was being used to scout the surrounding areas, and was compelled to return to the Hell Gate every day. The dragon just wanted freedom, to leave the frozen Northlands and return to it’s natural habitat.

The dragon conversed with the group in Infernal, and therefore many of the members could not understand it. While Memnon and Eldre told Bubba to wait quietly, he was growing confused and angry. Once the dragon dissipated the cloud surrounding him, Bubba tossed Mjollnir. The dragon turned to flee, although not before Memnon was able to utter a Healing Word, reviving the dragon.

As the dragon left, Bubba ran after it, yelling his apologies. After a moment the dragon turned around, seizing Bubba and riding high into the air with him before the party got a chance to catch up. The dragon exchanged a few harsh words with Bubba, then claimed it would be back in the morning to see if they wanted a truce. Dropping Bubba from the air taking small injuries.

Six hours later, the dragon was back. The party agreed to help it, asking a few more questions about it’s plight, before they took off traveling. Following the dragons directions they turned slightly to the North. After two days of traveling in this direction, Tom was awoken in the middle of the night. A strange chill hung on the air, and there were some large cloud formations that he recognized. He called out to everyone to wake up, and they all stood as the clouds reformed into the shape of men.

The battle was over quickly, with every member of the party downed except for Tom. He ran, heading towards the werebear pack he knew was only half a day away. The rest of the party was tied to their own packhorses and hauled away.

Tom arrived at the camp in the early morning. He told the head of the pack, Roxanne, of his plight. The party loaded camp quickly, and began heading towards the hellgate where Roxanne figured they would be taken.

Towards evening, a familiar shape appeared over the side of a hill. Raijna, riding her horse nearly to death, had been heading directly to the hellgate. The werebear pack was moving just slowly enough that she managed to catch up with them.

Memnon, Logan, Bubba and Eldre spent the next two days floating in and out of consciousness as the vampires used them for feeding, keeping them within an inch of their life. The second day of their capture, though, the four seemed to recover enough to start a plan. Eldre used one of his spells to burn through his ropes, then managed to get Logan untied before a vampire woke up. Bubba acted quickly, hoping to his feet and lunging into the vampire, buying the other two enough time to run out to their pack horses and take off. After the escaped they punished Bubba for his brave actions.

Halfway through the day, the dragon appeared again. Upon hearing that they had been capture by vampires, the dragon took to the air and circled above the werebear camp. Tom, knowing he was an ally, directed the werebears to follow the direction he had come from. By the time night fell, Logan and Eldre had caught up to the werebear pack.

The next day, Roxanne changed her destiny. She had an idea of where the vampires would camp that night, and sure enough by late afternoon she had found the small area that the vampires had created for just such an occasion. The pack ambushed the vampires, and managed to kill them with only a few wounded. The party, united again, began heading towards the hellgate.

After two full days of travel and few hours in the morning, the party found itself standing on the top of a large hill. Nestled at the bottom of the hill was a well-worn stone building, about forty feet by sixty feet long. It was built into the hill, practically impossible to see unless you were paying attention. The party laid out a plan with the werebear pack; the werebears would lay an ambush and pull the attention of the vampires. Once they were all outside, the party could sneak in and deactivate the Hell Gate. Now all that was left was to wait for nighttime.

To Asgard part 4

After Lars’ team fought, there was a break of several hours while the parties rested. Freyja used this opportunity to talk to Bubba and the rest of the party, letting them know how they could expect Lars and company to fight and how to take him down the best. Freyja took Bubba to the nearest armorer to pick up some new plate mail that would resist lightning damage, before they both headed back for the fight.

First Ragnivald, the warlord fell, then Lars, then his cronies went one by one. At the end of it, the entire party was still standing; torn up, but still alive and kicking. The crowd was going insane by this point; no foreign team had ever made semi-finals, let alone won the competition. The party had just become heroes in the eyes of the vikings. As heroe’s they granted Bubba the honor of using the legendary hammer of Thor Mulginer while in town or around the area.

Later that day their was a parade in honor of the party. Following that, they were pulled aside by Vivaja. He told them of three Hell Gates they could hunt down; one in the Northlands, one in the Great Plains and one on the island of Hawaii. The party decided to hunt down the nearest one, in the Northlands, and thus Vivaja took them to attend a meeting with the heads of the war parties; the small fighting parties of six that were in charge of hunting down demons. After some discussion, the groups decided to wait three days before heading out to hunt the demons down. Thus, the party headed back to the Northern Lights to start three days of drinking.

To Asgard part 1-3

Upon arriving at Asgard, the party found that a tournament was planned to begin the next day. With a little rough talking, the party was able to convince the officials to allow them to enter the tournament.

That site saw them entering a random, called the Northern Lights. The bartender and owner of the inn, a man named Bill, immediately caught on with the party. They went to bed early, to prepare for a rough day of fighting ahead.

The first round of fighting proved rather easy for the party. They breezed through the first two fights with hardly a problem. The second day, however, posed a dilemma.

Upon returning to Bill’s bar, the party had the privilege of meeting Bill’s daughter. The woman, Freyja, started taking drinking heavily in morning over the horrible performance. The next morning, however, Freyja was nowhere to be seen. In the place of here was a ransome note saying that team Dragonforce(the party) had to throw their next match.

The group quickly rushed to the stadium and found the nearist offical. With some quick talking, Tom managed to convince the regulators of the tournament to push back their fight time. With that, the party headed out on the trail of Freyja. They managed to find out that Terrance from team Philup was missing, and that this particular fighter had a pre-fight tradition of taking a hike North of the stadium. A trek in that direction found the fighter, along with a pack of demons.

As the party engaged the enemy, they noticed Freyja laying huddled in a pile in the corner. With some quick magic work they managed to free her, and with her warning the party fleed with the party of the human who kidnapped her. Upon returning, the party showed the opposing team their fallen alley. The fans were quickly roused, and dispensed their own form of justice upon the traitor. The tournament was disbanded while the fighters were sent out to hunt down the demons.

After a few days of rest, the final teams returned. The former champion, Lars, came to the bar to flaunt the heads of one of the demons that had captured Freyja. Lars has had feelings for her but she showed no intrest in him. Freyja claimed Bubba was her boyfriend to enrage Lars; the former champion ended up storming out of the bar.

The next day, the party encountered Lars having a rough official with the official. One of his team members had died in the combat, and he wanted a new member allowed on his team. The party used this opportunity to allow to get Raijna, who had been staying with Vivaja at the cities main stronghold, to join their team. After that they had a rough encounter with the team led by the warpriest; a team that Freyja had used the recent allowances to join.

After the fight, the party took the sideline to watch Lars team battle the last team. Lars crushed them, guaranteeing that the party would be fighting Lars in the final. With a few hours to spare, the party waited for the final fight.

The Killing Fields

The party realized how true Vivaja’s words were as they descended into the center of the fields. The wildlife had grown to enormous proportions, and even the plant life had a form of sentience. At the center of the meadow, where a giant statue depicting Vivaja stood, they encountered hyena’s as large as horses and plants that sprung to life to attack them.

After destroying these creatures, Vivaja found a way to active the statue, which turned a few of it’s goods into magical objects. While the enchantments had weakened over the years, the party still welcomed the aid.

While talking after divvying up the goods, the party noticed someone wandering toward him. His skin was dark in complexion, but besides that he looked like your typical teenager of the time. Bubba immediately started yelling threats, and the newcomer was so distracted he didn’t notice a strange mass of flesh, eyes and teeth that lay on the ground in front of him. It bite him, then let out a guttural yell that attracted some nearby lizard creatures.

When the party had dispatched the lizards, they began talking with the newcomer, Eldre. Vivaja noted that, like Logan, he was not someone whose karma he recognized. Vivaja was not one, however, to disregard fate, and assumed that Eldre had come to the fields and met them for some specific purpose. It took them little effort to convince Eldre to join them, before they headed back to Old Washington.

Once in Old Washington, the party took some much deserved relaxation time. Vivaja talked with Alec, and Alec quickly agreed to let them join the ranks of the Hunters. They were all indoctrinated into the Church, and given crucifixes that symbolized their new positions. Vivaja bid them all to put aside personal religious beliefs, and except this as both an honor and an opportunity to help with what them achieve their goals. A few days later, they set sail for a city on the coast called Asgard.

Heart of the Mountain part 3

The battle was fierce and bloody, but in the end the party came out on top. Vivaja had taken out the strongest of the statues, and his body showed; he was covered in gashes and wounds, bones showing although no blood seemed to be present in his body.

After quick introductions, Vivaja beseeched the party to take him to the Killing Fields, where he had been struck down hundreds of years before. After a short rest, the party set off; hiking most of the way through the night and getting very little sleep. After some distance had been put between them, the Angel noticeably opened up; answering questions explaining the basic cosmology of the world and who the party members were.

As it turns out, the party is together by more than circumstance: Raijna is the reincarnation of a famous thief who helped Vivaja from 400 years ago, Memnon is the reincarnation of a famous religious figure from the same time and Tom is the reincarnation of a man named Vijaya. Bubba is not the direct reincarnation of anyone, but instead the descendent of a powerful ally a great Gold Dragon(Ixen) who is still alive and contacting Bubba in his dreams. Logan was a wildcard; Vivaja claimed that he had never seen his spirit before, and thus he must be new to the cycle of life. The Angel was willing to trust destiny, however, and entrusted Logan with his sword.

The reason to give up his sword was simple; Vivaja knew the strength of his spirit would attract demons and others to come and try to kill him. In his weakened state, he would be unable to defend himself. Giving the sword to Logan would pull some of the demons towards the party, and allow Vivaja to recover.

As they reached the edge of the Killing Fields, Vivaja gave a warning. A massive explosion had gone off hundreds of years before, and the power had activated a portal that was being constructed in the mountains. The portal had opened to spill out an army of demons; the ones Vivaja had fought years before. Some of these creatures may remain, and the energies had perverted the wildlife. And in the Angel’s weakened state, he would be unable to help.

Heart of the Mountain part 2

Diving into the mountain was a bit like taking a step back in time; broken bits of machinery and wonders from the age long past. Eventually, the party reached a room that housed a large amount of broken old glass screens and metallic and plastic contraptions hooked up to them. They were unable to investigate the machinery, however, because the room was completely coated in ice and housed several ice demons.

A bit of quick thinking on Memnon’s saw him sitting in his shield like a toboggan, on the other side of the room. Logan followed suit, and after some shield throwing difficulties the entire party ended up across the room without having to confront the demon.

After several hours of hiking through the caves, the tunnel opened up into a massive cavern. The cavern’s walls disappeared out of sight, while the ceiling lifted several stories above the heads of the party. The path continued in front of them, breaking apart and reforming as it stretched across the massive hollow. And underneath the party, a raging inferno burned. The party encountered two distinct enemies here; a strange, bat like creature that was constantly burning and skeletons that could summon fireballs.

After dispatching these foes and following the path to it’s end, they discovered two giant steel doors. Pushing them opened revealed a man-made chamber, forty feet by forty feet across and twenty feet high. A few statues stood around the chamber, guarding another statue at it’s center. Here Vivaja lay, encased in stone, with his sword, Fate, planted before the statue. At the base of his prison, an inscription was carved in Latin:

“Our destiny, encased in stone Stands within this hallowed hall If Fate is not freed The world will surely fall”

Memnon, knowing that the sword responded to divine magic, cast a simple spell upon the sword and pulled it loose. Instantly cracks formed along the statue, before it crumbled to dust. The presence of the divine flooded the party, as Vivaja rose to his feet in front of them. Before anyone could act, however, the statue’s around the room sprung to life and charged forward…

Heart of the Mountain part 1

After several weeks in Old Washington, it became apart that nothing of interest was going to happen. The rogue, having heard a rumor that the pure essence of fire lay at the center of the tallest peak of the Great Mountains, convinced the party to set off to investigate.

While following the Old Roads, and within a few hours travel of the mountain, the party was ambushed by a group of creatures led by a type of demon they had encountered before. Once they arrived at the cave that would take them to the center of the mountain, they found another demon; this one was a red dragon that, while powerful, proved to be no match for combined might of the party.

Campaign So Far

The party started with the rogue, Raijna, sneaking into the church after escaping from her parents home. There she spied on the clerics Alec and Glory, though Alec eventually noticed her and cornered her in his office. He offered her sanctuary, if she was willing to help Glory and himself clear out some werewolfs that were troubling the town. While on the hunt, Alec left Glory and Raijna to follow a separate set of tracks. Tom, a ranger, lay in wait, to come to the parties aid once they stumbled across a small pack of wolves he had been stalking. Once the party encountered a werewolf and some wolves, the Black Salamander wondered into the melee. He had been fleeing Pikachu and literally stumbled into the fight.

With these four members the party continued to go on hunts, chasing down creatures that were threatening the town and seeing a small part of the world around them. Eventually they joined up with a fighter named Bubba to guard a caravan that was travelling South through the Fog Hills. While there, they caught Damalia, the head of the trade caravan, sneaking off into the night. They followed her to find her worshipping a demon. After a battle they tortured her for information, Bubba found a new catch phrase before killing her off and returning to the caravan.

Once back in town, the party was dispatched to follow the trail of a few werewolves that had burned down a store to the North of town. After looping back around and heading back into the Fog Hills, the party found a cave that appeared to be the residence of vampires. They scavenged through the cave, finding the town Eldest Ivan chained to a wall.

After heading back to the town, the party found the church burned to the ground. Jamal, the next-in-line of the trading company after Damalia, had dug up the ex-leader’s body and presented it to the town Elders as proof that the church was trying to overtake the town. With some persuasion the town was convinced to turn on Jamal and throw him in prison. The townspeople remained non-confrontational to the party afters, though a few would admit their mistake.

After the church was destroyed, a Paladin named Logan wondered into town. The next day a cleric named Memnon appeared, sent from the Church of Sanfran. Memnon was sent to investigate the rumors that the Church of Pikachu had been burned down, as well as bring the clerics back to Sanfran. His inquires were enough to get Logan into the party, and they headed back to the Fog Hills.

The group discovered Alec and Glory at the vampire’s cave and, after a near fatal encounter, fleed for their lives back to Sanfran. They arrived safely, and were regarded as heroes by the church. After a nights rest and a chance to spend their hard-earned loot, the party was set on a boat to New Washington.


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