Sin Ister

"You think you can beat me? Ha! Not even in your dreams!"

Ability Score Modifier Mod + .5 Level
Strength 10 0 4
Constitution 14 2 6
Dexterity 18 4 8
Intelligence 11 0 4
Wisdom 20 5 9
Charisma 10 0 4
Defense Score
AC 23
Fortitude 18
Reflex 21
Willpower 22
Passive Insight 24
Passive Perception 26

Max HP – 66

Acrobatics 7
Arcana 4
Athletics 3
Bluff 4
Diplomacy 4
Dungeoneering 9
Endurance 5
Heal 9
History 9
Insight 14
Intimidate 4
Nature 14
Perception 16
Religion 4
Stealth 9
Streetwise 4
Thievery 7

Out from the new day’s mist Sin comes. Born of wolf and man, Sin is a cursed and blessed creature known to few as a Werewolf. He spent his youngest years in the care of the pack. Wolves are incredibly social animals, everyone in the pack had a hand in raising him. Sin had a particular affinity for the wolves in the pack. Spending most of his day with Siro and Vera, the alpha male and female of the pack. His parents encouraged this, it wasn’t uncommon for a werewolf to develop a powerful bond with the wolves in the pack. Even if it bordered on telepathy. For seven wonderful years he enjoyed roaming the plains of what used to be southern Minnesota. One day, he had taken off with Siro, Vera and two other wolves. They had been tracking a large two-tusk long-nose. [It was later revealed to him that it was an animal known as an Elephant.] The animal had been wounded prior, what caused the wound was unknown to Sin. However after over half a day of tracking the animal the group finally downed the animal. When they went to return to the pack, they immediately could tell something was wrong.

They could smell blood from miles away and ran as hard as they could to return. The journey took them seven hours, and when they finally returned they found a scene of carnage. Fur, fangs, limbs, skin all littered the area. The ground was painted red. Although his entire pack lay in front of him, they were not the only bodies on the ground.

“I could smell them. Oh how I could smell them. My mother, my father, Siria and Percival. All of them, ripped to shreds. Beside them lay bodies with white robes, all stained red. One clutched a cross in it’s hands, a symbol I did not recognize. They wore metal plates around their body, blades too. They moved sloppily, I could track them easily. I picked up the cross in my hand, it felt vile. I placed it in my pack and turned my nose southward. I howled in rage as my body transformed, muscles rippling, I looked to Vera. Her eyes were filled with grief. Siro’s with rage. Without a word we took off. A hunt begins.”

Sin eventually did catch up to the men who killed his tribe. There were about 12 men camping out in a small valley between hills. Not all of them seemed to bear the cross. They also didn’t all look like church-men. Hired mercenaries perhaps. He desired desperately to charge in and kill them all but he knew he would be outmatched. Vera knew his gaze and challenged it with her own. She did not want him to try. It would be suicide, he knew it but refused to accept it. The five of them sat and watched for several hours as the men laughed around their campfire; Stewing in their anger Sin decided that he could not just leave. Waiting until the men had fallen asleep, overconfident from what they thought was a crushing defeat. It sickened Sin to think that even though at the very least one ally had fallen in that fight and yet the men seemed to not care. Fueled by rage the remainder of the pack struck at night, they caught the men unaware and tore the throats of several of the church-men. As the others began to raise after hearing the gurgling screams of their comrades Vera and Siro began to flee, recognizing that it was time to go. Sin remained behind and could not be reached. Eventually he was slashed along his torso by a halberd. This seemed to shake him out of his rage and scare him enough that he fled after the rest of the pack.

After he nursed his wounds, a large scar formed along his right side where no fur would grow. After roughly two years had passed they all decided to allow Sin the position of Alpha of the pack. The wolves in the pack naturally yielded to the Werewolves. Together they traveled as a tightly knit group, hunting and playing. Eventually Vera and Siro had one more liter of pups. All six of the pups survived, which was quite rare. Four years after the attack of the Church-Men the pack was starting to regain some of it’s numbers. Although Sin never actively sought out any other Werewolves, one day they did discover new companions.

Wolves are quite territorial, and as such Sin knew the entire region in what would be measured as roughly a one-hundred mile radius. So when a large cavern made entirely out of nowhere seemed to materialize one day, it piques your interest. Upon further inspection, the cavern seemed entirely to have been man-made.

“Vil’tur zurtrak nithru Voar.” Came a booming voice from inside the cavern.

“Na?” Came one, similar but slightly different.

The ground shook as a very large brass creature came within view. It had a scaled body that shimmered brightly. A long mouth with sharp fangs, massive wings and a very long tail. I tried to stand my ground but it was difficult with these creatures looming above me. In hindsight, the wolves seemed quite calm around them.

“What…what are you?” I said, fighting to remember the language of my parents.

“Ah, and it speaks!” The creature said.

“Really? That’s a surprise, he looks like he’s been with those wolves his entire life.” Came the unseen voice. The ground shook again as another creature of similar size and color came up from deeper inside the cavern. I couldn’t help but wonder just how deep the cavern went.

“Quite a brave one to be waltzing into a dragon’s nest aren’t you?” The first one asked.

“Oh now calm down Valos, the poor thing is quite obviously terrified of you.” The other one said. “What’s your name young one?”

I paused for a second, trying to remember. Among wolves, names are not the same as among humans. Among the wolves my name would be the feeling you get when fangs rip into a freshly killed bison.

“You think he’s one of those Rangers that spent just a little too much time in the forest?” Asked the first creature. The other one leaned in close to me and sniffed deeply. I slipped and fell backwards. Vera nuzzled up against me.

“A ranger he is not! This is one of the Lycanthropes! Oh and if I’m not incorrect he’s a Druid by calling.”

“Sin” I managed to say. The dragons quirked their heads at me.

“I am Sin.” I repeated.

“Ha, your parents must’ve had a sense of humor,” the first one bellowed. I stared at it, feeling like I had missed something.

“Why are you here?” I asked

“We live here.”

“Never before.” I said

“No, we’ve been coming here for years. It’s only now that we decided to make it a permanent move. It’s nice here, secluded, food is readily available. You know. Back where we come from, it’s difficult for us to—”

“Voar, he doesn’t want to hear your stories. You’ll put us all into a sleep that not even Al’Kabor could cure us of.” The other dragon snorted.

Sin and the two dragons spent many hours talking. At first Sin was content to let them be alone. He saw them every now and then flying overhead. After awhile his curious nature got the best of him and he ventured back. The dragons seemed all too happy to talk to him. This of course was before he learned of the nature of Brass dragons. Over the following year he spent more and more time near them. The pack of wolves that followed Sin had grown large. Eventually they split off, Vera and Siro were growing too old to lead hunts anymore. New alphas were chosen and with Sin occupied with the dragons the rest of the pack departed. The only ones who stayed behind were the original four that came from Sin’s pack. The rest of the new pack headed westward through the plains. Eventually Sin set up a den just outside of the dragon’s cavern. He might’ve chosen to stay closer but the nights in the cavern were enough to chill him to his very core. He spent his days hunting for Vera and Siro and his evenings with Valos and Voar. Who eventually became his uncles. He learned that Valos’Olath and Voar’Olath were a pair of mated male Brass dragons who had decided to make this spot their home to get away from society. They had each raised a brood but throughout the years Sin spent with them he never saw another dragon. They developed a powerful bond, almost as strong as the one he shared with Vera and Siro. His Uncles taught him several languages, including Old English, Infernal, Celestial and East Coast Pigeon, all languages that were commonly used. He learned a small amount of latin, but he never really pursued it.

One day, many years later Sin went in to see the dragons. Voar spoke to him, telling him that a pack of Werebears was traveling through the area. He thought it would be a good idea that Sin travel with them. Although he was reluctant at first, Sin eventually agreed and the pack set off to travel once more. Upon contact with the tribe, Sin met Roxanne. She took him under her wing as an apprentice. A powerful dreamwalker, she taught him many things and mentored him through all his druid practices. She had been the spirtual leader of the tribe for as long as Sin had known her. And since he had met her, he had walked with their tribe ever since. The wolf blood makes him fiercely protective of her and everyone else in the tribe. Known as the Wolf-Brother to most of the tribe, he gets along quite well. Recently, another werewolf, one who hides his identity from the world approached their camp asking for help. Roxanne agreed, despite the Black Dragon that circled them from overhead. The newcomer brought several other creatures with him, most notably a man who wears the same cross as those who killed his family those many years ago. Now they help to track down a group of Vampires who captured these people.

This is where Sin’s story REALLY begins.

Sin Ister

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