Balazar "Bubba" Ixen

Young dragonborn that is learning how the new world actually works.


Fighter Dragonborn med size 11yr 6’5 315lb.

str 22 con 20 dex 10 int 8 wis 10 cha 14

  • Raised in a local brothel as a young lad. Having a troubled past of his mother sneaking him around with a cloak. All he can remember is her curly golden blond hair and tears of what looked like joy. Not knowing that he was a descendant of a powerful Gold lizard(Dragon) Ixen. Fooled around with a lot of the women who worked there. He found his place working as a body guard. One night after his usual shift his favorite coworker Mary invited him out on the town and they got wasted as the same every night was. She calmly asked him “what do you want to do with your life”? That was something that Bubba had never thought about or even herd of. His mindset was just do what needs done and have fun after work. He responded to Mary,”well i’m gonna have one hell of a last night before I decide what I will do.” With that he slammed his bottle of ale and carried her up to her room. A few days later the opportunity arouse he jumped in with the group. Now a large man with Scales on his back, longer dark brown slightly curly hair and an attitude of an ox. He spends his time traveling with his companions, sniff, Religion, Grr, Sin, and Btctits. His closest friend in the party in Religion.

Balazar "Bubba" Ixen

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