Number 38 (Logan)


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Number 38 never knew his parents or where he came from. All he knows is that he is alone in the world. 38 grew up a slave with no parents on a rather large plantation on the outskirts of what used to be Boston. He worked for a ruthless owner named Brox. Brox numbered off his slaves. At a young age, 38 was a fragile child. He was often pushed around by the other children for being parentless. All of the other children knew to stay away from him for he was bad news. Number 38 had to start defending himself. On one specific occasion, 38 was sitting there eating his daily share of food when three boys a little older than nine years old stepped forward. “Well well, what have we here, boys? If it isn’t the orphan. Everybody knows orphans don’t deserve to live, so give me your share of food, orphan boy.” The leader of the boys attempted to grab for the bowl, but 38 recoiled. “Don’t do this. You’ll regret it.” Was all 38 said. The older boys all just laughed. The head boy flicked 38 on the nose. 38 snapped. 38 shot up off the bench he was sitting on and jumped on the head boy knocking him onto his back with 38 sitting on his chest. “If you want so bad, just take it!” 38 screamed as he slammed the still full bowl of soup into the boys face. The boy convulsed from the impact of the bowl, and then just lie there motionless, his eyes glazed over. 38 got up, still in shock at what he had just done. He looked at the boys still standing there in complete awe at what had just happened before their eyes. they ran off screaming. 38 knelt down to the boy, crying lightly. He put his head down to the boys chest to hear for a heartbeat. There was none. The boy was dead. He has just killed a boy. 38 stayed there, knelt on the ground in front of the boy, crying for what he had just done. A few minutes later he heard a drunken holler from the slave owner, Brox. Brox entered the building where the body of the boy lay with 38 still kneeling beside it. “What the hell did you do, boy?!” Brox screamed in drunken rage. Brox picked up the young 38 by the scruff and took him to a nearby shed. A savage beating ensued. The crying and screams from the shed were heard from all over the plantation. After that incident, 38 began to stand up for himself and others weaker than him. By the age of thirteen, he was a seasoned little scrapper. He hated the sight of others being used and abused just because they were weaker than others. He also began to stand up against Brox. This usually just led to more savage beatings by Brox. This just made 38 hate the man all the more. By this point, he was a full fledged outcast on the plantation. At the age of 16, a few new slaves joined the ranks. Most of them got along well with the others except for one. She was called number 51. At the age of 15, she was a shy thing, and like 38 in his early years, very frail and mentally fragile. In her first few days of arrival, she was out casted. she started to get harassed by the boys of the plantation. Whether it be sexual harassment or getting her food stolen, it happened. One day, 51 was surrounded by a group of 4 older slave boys. They were pushing her around, trying to get her clothes off. They eventually wrestled her onto the ground. It was merely a game to them. 38 saw this and walked over in an angered frenzy. He came up behind one of the boys and tapped him on the shoulder. The boy turned around smirking, but as soon as he saw who it was, his smirked disappeared in an instant. 38’s fist came out of nowhere smashing him square in the face. There was a crunching sound as the boy hit the ground with a thud. All the others stood up. “What the hell you doin, man? Can’t you see we’re a bit busy here with this young lady?” as he tugged her close to him. He proceeded to lick her neck. She squirmed and let out a scream. “Quiet, bitch!” said the thug who was holding her. With that said, he punched her in the gut, sending into unconsciousness. “You bastard!” 38 shouted as he charged the man who had just struck 51. 38’s shoulder hit the man’s gut sending him flying onto his back. 38 jumped onto him and began head butting the man. The man’s eyes rolled back as he went cold. As usual, the other two men ran off in fear seeing at how easy 38 took care of the others. 38 slowly walked over to girl and gently shook her awake. “You’re safe now.” Was all 38 said to her. She only smiled and pulled him into an embrace and whispered “Thank you” into his ear. From then on, the two outcasts of the plantation formed a friendship. Over the next few years, the outcasts became very close friends. They spent every waking moment of every day together. 38 became very protective of 51. Every time one of the fellow slaves would harm her, they would receive a savage beating from 38. After a few examples of 38’s ferocity towards against 51’s tormentors was seen around the plantation, the two were left completely alone. As their friendship grew, so did their feelings for each other. On a warm summer night, they were lying down on a grassy hill facing the sun set. All of a sudden muttered something under his breath. 51 turned to him. “What did you say?” she asked. He leaned in close to her ear. “I love you.” Was all he said. He then pulled her closer into a passionate kiss. They made love for the first time that night. They weren’t just friends anymore; they were lovers. But what was about to ensue shortly after is going to break 38’s heart. (oooooh cliff hanger!)

Number 38 (Logan)

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