Bill the Barkeep

Friendly barkeep from Asgard


Bill runs an inn and tavern named the Northern Lights. The party stays here during the viking tournament, and his rough and tumble manner and interest in strange forms of alcohol instantly attract the party to him.

Bill was once the strongest fighter among the vikings, winning the tournament an unprecedented three years in the a row. The fourth year, he announced that he wanted to become the chief of the vikings, and was easily elected into office. He remained this way until the last great demon raid; about 20 years ago. He led the viking forces during this raid, and ended up with a sword in his leg as thanks. With his leg crippled and simply a desire to enjoy the rest of his life with his wife, he retired to start up a bar named The Northern Lights.

He has a daughter, Freyja, who leads teams of fighters to hunt demons and who is currently the center of Bubba’s attention.

Bill the Barkeep

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