The Gates of Hell

Vampire's Hiding part 3

With nightfall upon them, the party started their agreed upon plan. The werebear pack split up into smaller groups, diving quickly into the vampire’s lair before taking the combat into the open plains. A few minutes after the supposed last of the vampires left, the party approached the complex.

Raijna was the first to enter, sneaking down to the building and listening at the doors inside. She heard heavy, pacing footsteps that stopped suddenly as she approached. The girl ran outside quickly, alerting her allies that vampires remained and that they had heard her.

The fighting died down quickly, with the party victorious. They found stairs inside the room they had just cleared, and turned to a door across the hall after deciding to examine the stairs later.

The other door a large iron cage that contained Freyja, Lars and three of the most beautiful women any of the party had ever seen. Bubba forced the cage open; receiving a fire-blast in return, before the rest of the party grew suspicious of the three women. Their suspicion was well founded; the women turned out to be Succubi. After a long, fierce battle the party stood victorious over Freyja and Lars. Some quick healing restored them to consciousness, if not full health. Lars revealed to the party that he had been turned; within the next day his blood would be fully vampiric.

A pack of werebears stood outside when the party returned to the main hall to examine the final doors. Apparently the pack had dispatched their vampires, and returned to see to the Hell Gate being destroyed. Tom had spent the first part of the assault with the werebears; his bow was more useful on the open plains, but he rejoined the party now.

Upon entering the final set of double doors, the party found the room with the Hell Gate eerily empty. Raijna ducked down behind the portal and ran to the other side, thieves tools making quick work of a grate cover beneath the main controls.

As Raijna entered the grate, a familiar shape formed behind her. Ahad, the vampire the party had encountered in the Fog Hills, grabbed Raijna’s legs and threw the girl against the wall of the building. With a few spoken taunts he turned to Memnon, preparing to dominate the cleric once again.

As Ahad’s magic ripped into Memnon, the cleric felt a strange entity fill his head. Standing before him was a slender women, raven dark hair spilling to her waist. A scythe stood next to her petite form, nearly covered in . “You have my blessing, child,” the Raven Queen told him, “smite the undying!” Black tendrils of raw power criss-crossed Memnon’s scythe blade, ripping across it and into the vampire as he slashed at it. Ahad’s eyes went wide as he was frozen.

Even as Ahad was frozen, the walls of the building shuddered with force. Ahad had called Kriv back to fight the party. The party, however, understood that this was against Kriv’s wishes and had Logan absorb the dragons blows while the rest of the party focused on the vampire.

As Raijna’s tinkering neared an end, Ahad’s bounds loosened and the portal began firing off rapidly. Logan took this opportunity to pull Ahad towards him from the other side of the portal. The vampire stumbled into it as the portal flashed brilliantly and faded completely. Raijna had removed a gem crucial to the portal; it would not function without it.

Kriv waited only long enough to ensure he would not be attacked, before flying away. The party ventured out after him, bruised and battered but not beaten. The werebears had been attacked during their encounter, but the last of the vampires had been cast down. The party started journeying immediately, stopping only before the sun rose. Memnon built a pyre for Lars, allowing the viking the funeral he wanted. The party then turned to head back to Asgard.



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