The Gates of Hell

To Asgard part 4

After Lars’ team fought, there was a break of several hours while the parties rested. Freyja used this opportunity to talk to Bubba and the rest of the party, letting them know how they could expect Lars and company to fight and how to take him down the best. Freyja took Bubba to the nearest armorer to pick up some new plate mail that would resist lightning damage, before they both headed back for the fight.

First Ragnivald, the warlord fell, then Lars, then his cronies went one by one. At the end of it, the entire party was still standing; torn up, but still alive and kicking. The crowd was going insane by this point; no foreign team had ever made semi-finals, let alone won the competition. The party had just become heroes in the eyes of the vikings. As heroe’s they granted Bubba the honor of using the legendary hammer of Thor Mulginer while in town or around the area.

Later that day their was a parade in honor of the party. Following that, they were pulled aside by Vivaja. He told them of three Hell Gates they could hunt down; one in the Northlands, one in the Great Plains and one on the island of Hawaii. The party decided to hunt down the nearest one, in the Northlands, and thus Vivaja took them to attend a meeting with the heads of the war parties; the small fighting parties of six that were in charge of hunting down demons. After some discussion, the groups decided to wait three days before heading out to hunt the demons down. Thus, the party headed back to the Northern Lights to start three days of drinking.



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