The Gates of Hell

To Asgard part 1-3

Upon arriving at Asgard, the party found that a tournament was planned to begin the next day. With a little rough talking, the party was able to convince the officials to allow them to enter the tournament.

That site saw them entering a random, called the Northern Lights. The bartender and owner of the inn, a man named Bill, immediately caught on with the party. They went to bed early, to prepare for a rough day of fighting ahead.

The first round of fighting proved rather easy for the party. They breezed through the first two fights with hardly a problem. The second day, however, posed a dilemma.

Upon returning to Bill’s bar, the party had the privilege of meeting Bill’s daughter. The woman, Freyja, started taking drinking heavily in morning over the horrible performance. The next morning, however, Freyja was nowhere to be seen. In the place of here was a ransome note saying that team Dragonforce(the party) had to throw their next match.

The group quickly rushed to the stadium and found the nearist offical. With some quick talking, Tom managed to convince the regulators of the tournament to push back their fight time. With that, the party headed out on the trail of Freyja. They managed to find out that Terrance from team Philup was missing, and that this particular fighter had a pre-fight tradition of taking a hike North of the stadium. A trek in that direction found the fighter, along with a pack of demons.

As the party engaged the enemy, they noticed Freyja laying huddled in a pile in the corner. With some quick magic work they managed to free her, and with her warning the party fleed with the party of the human who kidnapped her. Upon returning, the party showed the opposing team their fallen alley. The fans were quickly roused, and dispensed their own form of justice upon the traitor. The tournament was disbanded while the fighters were sent out to hunt down the demons.

After a few days of rest, the final teams returned. The former champion, Lars, came to the bar to flaunt the heads of one of the demons that had captured Freyja. Lars has had feelings for her but she showed no intrest in him. Freyja claimed Bubba was her boyfriend to enrage Lars; the former champion ended up storming out of the bar.

The next day, the party encountered Lars having a rough official with the official. One of his team members had died in the combat, and he wanted a new member allowed on his team. The party used this opportunity to allow to get Raijna, who had been staying with Vivaja at the cities main stronghold, to join their team. After that they had a rough encounter with the team led by the warpriest; a team that Freyja had used the recent allowances to join.

After the fight, the party took the sideline to watch Lars team battle the last team. Lars crushed them, guaranteeing that the party would be fighting Lars in the final. With a few hours to spare, the party waited for the final fight.



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