The Gates of Hell

The Killing Fields

The party realized how true Vivaja’s words were as they descended into the center of the fields. The wildlife had grown to enormous proportions, and even the plant life had a form of sentience. At the center of the meadow, where a giant statue depicting Vivaja stood, they encountered hyena’s as large as horses and plants that sprung to life to attack them.

After destroying these creatures, Vivaja found a way to active the statue, which turned a few of it’s goods into magical objects. While the enchantments had weakened over the years, the party still welcomed the aid.

While talking after divvying up the goods, the party noticed someone wandering toward him. His skin was dark in complexion, but besides that he looked like your typical teenager of the time. Bubba immediately started yelling threats, and the newcomer was so distracted he didn’t notice a strange mass of flesh, eyes and teeth that lay on the ground in front of him. It bite him, then let out a guttural yell that attracted some nearby lizard creatures.

When the party had dispatched the lizards, they began talking with the newcomer, Eldre. Vivaja noted that, like Logan, he was not someone whose karma he recognized. Vivaja was not one, however, to disregard fate, and assumed that Eldre had come to the fields and met them for some specific purpose. It took them little effort to convince Eldre to join them, before they headed back to Old Washington.

Once in Old Washington, the party took some much deserved relaxation time. Vivaja talked with Alec, and Alec quickly agreed to let them join the ranks of the Hunters. They were all indoctrinated into the Church, and given crucifixes that symbolized their new positions. Vivaja bid them all to put aside personal religious beliefs, and except this as both an honor and an opportunity to help with what them achieve their goals. A few days later, they set sail for a city on the coast called Asgard.



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