The Gates of Hell

Heart of the Mountain part 3

The battle was fierce and bloody, but in the end the party came out on top. Vivaja had taken out the strongest of the statues, and his body showed; he was covered in gashes and wounds, bones showing although no blood seemed to be present in his body.

After quick introductions, Vivaja beseeched the party to take him to the Killing Fields, where he had been struck down hundreds of years before. After a short rest, the party set off; hiking most of the way through the night and getting very little sleep. After some distance had been put between them, the Angel noticeably opened up; answering questions explaining the basic cosmology of the world and who the party members were.

As it turns out, the party is together by more than circumstance: Raijna is the reincarnation of a famous thief who helped Vivaja from 400 years ago, Memnon is the reincarnation of a famous religious figure from the same time and Tom is the reincarnation of a man named Vijaya. Bubba is not the direct reincarnation of anyone, but instead the descendent of a powerful ally a great Gold Dragon(Ixen) who is still alive and contacting Bubba in his dreams. Logan was a wildcard; Vivaja claimed that he had never seen his spirit before, and thus he must be new to the cycle of life. The Angel was willing to trust destiny, however, and entrusted Logan with his sword.

The reason to give up his sword was simple; Vivaja knew the strength of his spirit would attract demons and others to come and try to kill him. In his weakened state, he would be unable to defend himself. Giving the sword to Logan would pull some of the demons towards the party, and allow Vivaja to recover.

As they reached the edge of the Killing Fields, Vivaja gave a warning. A massive explosion had gone off hundreds of years before, and the power had activated a portal that was being constructed in the mountains. The portal had opened to spill out an army of demons; the ones Vivaja had fought years before. Some of these creatures may remain, and the energies had perverted the wildlife. And in the Angel’s weakened state, he would be unable to help.



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