The Gates of Hell

Heart of the Mountain part 2

Diving into the mountain was a bit like taking a step back in time; broken bits of machinery and wonders from the age long past. Eventually, the party reached a room that housed a large amount of broken old glass screens and metallic and plastic contraptions hooked up to them. They were unable to investigate the machinery, however, because the room was completely coated in ice and housed several ice demons.

A bit of quick thinking on Memnon’s saw him sitting in his shield like a toboggan, on the other side of the room. Logan followed suit, and after some shield throwing difficulties the entire party ended up across the room without having to confront the demon.

After several hours of hiking through the caves, the tunnel opened up into a massive cavern. The cavern’s walls disappeared out of sight, while the ceiling lifted several stories above the heads of the party. The path continued in front of them, breaking apart and reforming as it stretched across the massive hollow. And underneath the party, a raging inferno burned. The party encountered two distinct enemies here; a strange, bat like creature that was constantly burning and skeletons that could summon fireballs.

After dispatching these foes and following the path to it’s end, they discovered two giant steel doors. Pushing them opened revealed a man-made chamber, forty feet by forty feet across and twenty feet high. A few statues stood around the chamber, guarding another statue at it’s center. Here Vivaja lay, encased in stone, with his sword, Fate, planted before the statue. At the base of his prison, an inscription was carved in Latin:

“Our destiny, encased in stone Stands within this hallowed hall If Fate is not freed The world will surely fall”

Memnon, knowing that the sword responded to divine magic, cast a simple spell upon the sword and pulled it loose. Instantly cracks formed along the statue, before it crumbled to dust. The presence of the divine flooded the party, as Vivaja rose to his feet in front of them. Before anyone could act, however, the statue’s around the room sprung to life and charged forward…



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