The Gates of Hell

Campaign So Far

The party started with the rogue, Raijna, sneaking into the church after escaping from her parents home. There she spied on the clerics Alec and Glory, though Alec eventually noticed her and cornered her in his office. He offered her sanctuary, if she was willing to help Glory and himself clear out some werewolfs that were troubling the town. While on the hunt, Alec left Glory and Raijna to follow a separate set of tracks. Tom, a ranger, lay in wait, to come to the parties aid once they stumbled across a small pack of wolves he had been stalking. Once the party encountered a werewolf and some wolves, the Black Salamander wondered into the melee. He had been fleeing Pikachu and literally stumbled into the fight.

With these four members the party continued to go on hunts, chasing down creatures that were threatening the town and seeing a small part of the world around them. Eventually they joined up with a fighter named Bubba to guard a caravan that was travelling South through the Fog Hills. While there, they caught Damalia, the head of the trade caravan, sneaking off into the night. They followed her to find her worshipping a demon. After a battle they tortured her for information, Bubba found a new catch phrase before killing her off and returning to the caravan.

Once back in town, the party was dispatched to follow the trail of a few werewolves that had burned down a store to the North of town. After looping back around and heading back into the Fog Hills, the party found a cave that appeared to be the residence of vampires. They scavenged through the cave, finding the town Eldest Ivan chained to a wall.

After heading back to the town, the party found the church burned to the ground. Jamal, the next-in-line of the trading company after Damalia, had dug up the ex-leader’s body and presented it to the town Elders as proof that the church was trying to overtake the town. With some persuasion the town was convinced to turn on Jamal and throw him in prison. The townspeople remained non-confrontational to the party afters, though a few would admit their mistake.

After the church was destroyed, a Paladin named Logan wondered into town. The next day a cleric named Memnon appeared, sent from the Church of Sanfran. Memnon was sent to investigate the rumors that the Church of Pikachu had been burned down, as well as bring the clerics back to Sanfran. His inquires were enough to get Logan into the party, and they headed back to the Fog Hills.

The group discovered Alec and Glory at the vampire’s cave and, after a near fatal encounter, fleed for their lives back to Sanfran. They arrived safely, and were regarded as heroes by the church. After a nights rest and a chance to spend their hard-earned loot, the party was set on a boat to New Washington.



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